Has spring been good to you so far? The weather in New York City has been much cooler and damper than I would have liked, but over the years I’ve come to see that spring in New York really comes down to two (freakishly) warm days in February, one lovely one in April and two others in May. So it’s best not to count on anything more than that. I’m just delighted that summer is almost here.

Though the spring hasn’t been great weather-wise, I had a nice May. A box of advanced reader copies of my next book, Even If It Kills Her, arrived and it was a rush to open it. This is my seventh Bailey Weggins mystery, my first in five years, and oh, I’m glad it’s finally happening.

Secondly, I spent a wonderful week in London in mid-May, something I’ve done for many years, and it left me really energized. Is there someplace you like to go that’s totally restorative for you? I have a few spots in New York City I turn to for that. Believe it or not, my local Le Pain Quotidian is that kind of place for me (I love eating solo with my laptop at one of the big tables) and so is the Central Park Zoo (I go on my own every year). But best of all for me is my annual sojourn to London. I see a ton of art when I’m there (I especially loved the “Selfie to Self Expression” show at the Saatchi Gallery, where a piece by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer let you take a shot of yourself with smoke coming out of your eyes), and I walk the enchanting streets that always feel so full of secrets. Though I’m not specifically researching anything on my annual trips to London, I always come back with a bunch of ideas and feeling ready to take on the world.