If you regularly take a look at my newsletter (and thank you if you do!!), you may have heard me say that I’m a hot weather girl, someone who loves summer and dreads the onset of each long, frigid northeastern winter. Maybe it’s from growing up in upstate New York, where it was always so cold my mom used to make me wear snow pants under my school uniform skirt (trust me, not a good look).

I also seem to have an easier time writing in the heat. I do a big chunk of the work on my mysteries and thrillers when I’m at our home in Uruguay during the winter months. It’s generally in the 80’s there from December through February (or hotter!), which I never mind.

But okay, that said, I’ve been loving this October, with it deliciously crisp weather. There’s a rush, isn’t there, when autumn arrives and you treat yourself to a new pair of boots or unpack your sweaters (that’s me in the first cowl neck sweater of the season while staying with my husband at the Round House Hotel, Beacon, New York–in a room with such a killer view). I’ve also been writing up a storm this month.

[photo: Kate in Beacon] [photo: Kate at Lake George]

Speaking of writing, my upcoming suspense novel, Such a Perfect Wife (May ’19) is set in Lake George, New York, and I drove up there on Saturday with my brother Rick so I could take one last look around and make sure I had my facts straight. Even at twilight, you can see what a gorgeous shade of blue the lake is! Have you ever visited there? Let me know at kate@katewhite.com.

What I’m Reading

[cover: Frear] [cover: Unger]

Sweet Little Lies
By Caz Frear

I ended up signing books at the Bouchercon mystery conference next to author Caz Frear, so I was eager to read her first mystery, which became an international best seller. Wow, I absolutely loved it. Great plot, captivating writing, and an irresistible British protagonist–detective constable Cat Kinsella. I can barely wait for her next one. And having recently read a stupid suspense novel with the word lies also in the title, it was nice to have the word redeemed for me!

Under My Skin
By Lisa Unger

Full disclosure: The lovely Lisa Unger is a pal of mine. But let me tell you in case you don’t already know: She’s a fantastic writer and I absolutely relished her latest psychological thriller–about a woman named Poppy who is haunted by the mysterious death of her husband and realizes she can’t move on until she knows the truth. But her search for facts traps her in a terrifying game of cat and mouse. This book is a stand out!!! Can I also just say that the first chapter grabbed me by the lapels and wouldn’t let go. I love it when authors get a little rough with me that way!

What I’m Cooking

[photo:white pumpkin bowl]

Velvety Cream of Tomato Soup

I’ve mentioned before that I get a kick out of serving squash or pumpkin soup in pumpkin bowls I bought from Pottery Barn years ago. But there are only so many times you can have that dish on the menu when you’re having friends for dinner, right? Well, I just so happen to also own white pumpkin bowls and I use those to serve roasted tomato soup, which is perfect for this time of year, too. Here’s a recipe that I return to again and again.

Until next month,
Kate White