A big, heartfelt thank you for your great support of my 13th suspense novel, Such a Perfect Wife, which debuted on May 7. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your reviews, shout-outs on social media, and emails. Writing is at times a really solitary job, and when you hear from readers, it makes you realize you are so not alone.

If you haven’t ordered the book yet, check out the description below. I’m thrilled that that Library Journal, which made Such a Perfect Wife a Pick of the Month for May, called it “a riveting mystery” and “intense page-turner that never lets up.”

Such a Perfect Wife

Blonde. Beautiful. A loving mother.
And missing since Monday.

On a sunny morning in late September, Shannon Blaine, a thirty-four-year-old wife and mother of two, set off for a jog along the roads near her home in Lake George, New York. It was her usual routine after dropping the kids off at school…except on this day she never returned. Is her husband lying when he says he has no idea where she is? Could Shannon have split on her own, overwhelmed by the pressures of life? Or is she the victim of a sexual predator?

True crime writer Bailey Weggins heads north from New York City to report on the mysterious disappearance for the website Crime Beat. An anonymous tip soon leads her to a grisly discovery. Every town has its secrets, Bailey reminds herself, and nothing is ever as perfect as it seems. She keeps digging for answers until she unearths the stunning and chilling truth.


What I’m Reading

[cover: Foley] [cover: Rubenhold]

The Hunting Party
By Lucy Foley

A group of friends from college decide to spend New Year’s weekend together in the Scottish Highlands. One of them ends up murdered, which means another one of them did it. I always enjoy a good “locked room mystery,” where all the action occurs in a single locale, and this is one of them! In this one you not only don’t know the killer until the end, you aren’t sure which friend ends up murdered until one of the last chapters.

The Five
By Hallie Rubenhold

I’m so obsessed with the Jack the Ripper case that I once took my husband and kids on a Ripper walking tour London, and I’m thinking of doing it again soon. So I loved this riveting true crime book about the five victims. It’s the first deep look at the lives of women who were portrayed so unfairly by the press back then.

What I’m Cooking


When the weather turns warmer, do you find yourself wishing you could hurry things along? I want it even warmer so I can eat al fresco, and I crave the foods I love to eat outdoors, like, gazpacho, grilled chicken, raw zucchini salad, and corn on a cob.

One dish that I find subs nicely in spring for corn on the cob is corn and avocado salad using frozen sweet white corn. You use a couple of bags of corn, slices of avocado, lots of fresh cilantro, and dress the whole thing with olive oil and fresh lime juice. I swear the combo is so good, you don’t really notice you’re eating frozen corn. I serve it at this time of year with fried or roast chicken.

Until next month,

Kate White