[photo]I hope your summer is going fabulously well. Though it’s been two months since the launch of Such a Perfect Wife, I’ve still had events to participate in, and one of the most fun for me was a book club meeting at the Brooklyn BookMark Shoppe (photo right). What a lively group of women! 

I’ve been so grateful for the amazing response to Such a Perfect Wife. If you’re looking for a summer thriller, I’d be, well, thrilled to have you to check it out! 

Here’s a sample of what the critics had to say:

“A riveting mystery with layers of stories and crime * A strong feeling of menace runs throughout * intricately plotted * A ‘best books of the week’ selection * an intense page-turner that never lets up * apprehension will skyrocket * compelling plot with multiple suspects * thunders to a conclusion * A page turner you can’t put down * ‘Pick of the month’ * highly entertaining * fun and fast-paced * cliffhanger after cliffhanger * a truly new spin on a classic woman-gone-missing story * A real page turner.”

What I’m Reading/Watching 

[cover: Girls Like Us][Line of Duty]

Girls Like Us
By Cristina Alger 

I know many of us are obsessed with psychological thrillers these days (hey, that’s part of the reason I write them), but sometimes I’m just in the mood for a good, solid police procedural, and this book is one of them. I really enjoyed curling up on the porch with it recently and getting to know FBI agent Nell Flynn. And watch her solve several mysteries rolled into one. 

Line of Duty
Acorn TV 

This is one of the highest rated BBC police dramas ever and I certainly see why. It took me far too long to sign up for Acorn TV so I could watch it, but the great news is: I’ve got four and a half seasons ahead of me. And I so enjoy watching with the doors of our house in PA open and the fireflies blinking in the background. 

What I’m Cooking

[photo: David Malosh for The New York Times. Food Stylist: Simon Andrews.]I DO relish having people at my home for meals, and yet I’m kind of a Nervous Nellie in the kitchen (can you relate at all?). That’s why I do best with really simple recipes that 1) I can’t possibly screw up and 2) don’t stress me out. I suspected I was going to love these no-bake lemon custards from the wonderful Melissa Clark at the NY Times, and wow, I was right. So easy, so creamy, so delicious! And your guests will be dazzled when you carry them out on a tray. Next time I’ll probably use a little less sugar than the recipes calls for, but then I’m a lemon and cream girl more than a sweets girl.