I Just Finished My New Book!!

It’s now in my wonderful editor’s hands and I’m breathing that big sigh of relief that comes with completion. It’s a stand-alone psychological thriller called Have You Seen Me?, due out in April ’20, and I’m especially proud of it. I’ll be doing the cover reveal this fall so please stayed tuned!

Which Means I’m Now Starting the Next Thriller


Some people claim that it was Dorothy Parker who said, “I don’t like writing, but I enjoy having written,” though apparently no one knows for sure. Regardless of who voiced that opinion, there are days when I can really relate. Despite the fact that I feel compelled to write and I get up every day and do it (very often savoring the whole glorious adventure), it’s often tough for me.

But there’s one part of the process that I unequivocally adore: when I’m about to start the next book and I crack open a fresh notebook to begin plotting it. Everything is brand new and fresh and wonderful at that point, and I can’t wait to see where my idea will take me.

I had that moment a couple of weeks ago as I began my next psychological thriller, and it was just as, well, thrilling as it always is.

Do you use notebooks for anything? Journaling, for instance? Keeping to-do lists? They’re really fabulous, aren’t they, even in these digital times?

And If You Haven’t Yet Read My Latest Suspense Novel, Such a Perfect Wife…

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What I’m Reading


Jar of Hearts
By Jennifer Hillier

This winner of the International Thriller Writers’ Best Novel for 2019 grabs you from the first page and refuses to let you go. What a ride!

The Last Widow
By Karin Slaughter

This latest installment of the Will Trent and Sara Linton series is more proof that Karin Slaughter is one of the most incredible crime novelists on the planet.

What I’m Cooking


Sometimes when I want to serve a wow dessert without spending a lot of time in the kitchen, I’ll do individual chocolate fondues. A chocolate fondue sauce is generally pretty simple to make, and I’ll pour it into little ramekins and then serve cubes of pound cake (confession: store bought) and pieces of fruit (like strawberries). When I was in the U.K. this year, my amazing friend Annie gave a dinner in my honor and served the most delicious individual fondues using these small, charming copper pots. Here’s her recipe:

4 oz bitter chocolate
1/4 c sugar (taste as you add)
1/2 c apricot jam
1/2 c heavy cream

Put all ingredients in top of double boiler and cook until chocolate melts. Stir and add more sugar if you prefer. When cooled slightly, you can add a tsp of vanilla or 1/4 tsp of almond extract…or 2 tsp of Cointreau.

Serves 4-6.

Until next month,

Kate White