I hope you’re having a good end of winter. It’s a pretty scary time, isn’t it, with the coronavirus impacting so many people around the world? 

This is also a big transition time for me. I’ll be leaving Uruguay, where my husband and I live in the winter, and headed to the U.S. in late March. I’m looking forward to my return, handing in the suspense novel that I’ve been working on here (when I wasn’t taking walks on the beach or reading/napping in my home office), and also starting the tour to promote my brand new psychological thriller, HAVE YOU SEEN ME? (April 28). 


I always love going home to Manhattan, but I also always feel really wistful leaving Uruguay. It’s a lovely country, and the people here seem to have a keen sense of how to savor life: They try not to let stuff rattle them, linger for hours over dinner, get plenty of sleep, embrace family life, and could care less about the Kardashians. It all seems so good for the soul, and, as usual, I’m going to try to take these lessons back with me. 

I Can’t Wait for You to Read HAVE YOU SEEN ME? 

My upcoming suspense novel is a gripping, twisty psychological thriller about personal finance journalist Ally Linden, who shows up at her office one day, ready to get back to work after being on vacation, and discovers she actually hasn’t worked there in five years. Though some of her memory returns, she’s missing two whole days of her life, and as time passes she begins to realize that something terrible happened during those 48 hours, and someone will do anything to stop her from uncovering the truth. 

Some early reviews:

Booklist: “This gripping psychological suspense tale is hard to put down.” 

Publishers Weekly: “[A] well-honed thriller….White skillfully maintains the pace…. Even the most jaded reader will be satisfied.” 

Kirkus: “White provides the twists and shocks that any reader of domestic thrillers expects and savors.” 

Looking for a Speaker at Your Library or Writer’s Event? 

Recently I started giving a new talk to groups, one with information I’m very excited to share, “On Becoming an Author: Forging a New Creative Path and Finding Winning Ideas All Around You.” I’m also offering a workshop called: “How to Conquer Procrastination, Crush Writer’s Block, and Generate Fantastic Plot Twists Even When the Well is Dry.” You can find out how to book me for either on katewhite.com. 

What I’m Reading/Watching


The Other Mrs.
By Mary Kubica 

Kubica’s THE GOOD GIRL is one of my favorite suspense novels, and her newest is a real page-turner. After a year of turmoil, Sadie and Will Foust move the family to an island in Maine, and rather than solve their problems, the move sends everything spiralling downward, especially after a beautiful neighbor is murdered. Before long Sadie fears there’s a murderer living in her own house, and we watch as her grip on reality begins to loosen. 


The Stranger

Harlan Coben does it again. I really enjoyed his Netflix series “Safe,” and now I’m hooked on “The Stranger.” Like “Safe,” it’s set in the UK with some really terrific acting, though it’s actually based on his best-selling thriller of the same title, which was set in New Jersey. The town or country doesn’t matter. This is about an ordinary husband and father and what horrors unfold after a stranger approaches him and whispers a terrible secret about his wife. 

What I’m Cooking

[cover]A friend in Uruguay served me this salad as a first course for lunch the other day (those are little balls of mozzarella), and it made me realize how presentation makes such a difference. It was a delicious salad for sure, with a dollop of dressing in the middle, but I think it tasted even better because of how it looked. These days I’m working even harder on my presentation because I’d rather put the time in there than in making complicated dishes. 

Until next month, 

Kate White