Once Again, I Want to Start by Talking about YOU.

I so hope you’re weathering the pandemic as best as you can, and finding ways to safely re-open your personal world a little bit. It’s such a tough time, isn’t it?

My husband Brad proposed 34 years ago in France. He’d packed a tux for the occasion, so how could I say no?

For me, June so far has been about following the headlines and also reflecting on the things we as a society need to do differently; talking to my kids daily by phone, Facetime, or Zoom; loving the feel of the sun on my face (while wearing sunscreen, of course); celebrating my 34th wedding anniversary with takeout food that wasn’t very good (but we made up for it with a nice bottle of wine); and starting a few online courses. One is the Judd Apatow Master class on comedy writing that not only offers terrific insight, but has the added bonus of being very funny!

I’ve also been sketching out ideas for my next book. This is always such an interesting time in my year, both fun and scary. I love playing with concepts in my notebook, and it’s always magical to start with a germ, ask myself a lot of “What if?” questions (a common technique authors use, by the way), and watch a plot take shape. The scary part is worrying whether this will be the first time nothing pops into my head. Ha, your prayers are welcome!!!!

HAVE YOU SEEN ME? Goes Back for Another Printing


A huge thank you to all of you who bought the book or borrowed it from your local library. I so appreciate your support.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out HAVE YOU SEEN ME?, below are links to the trailer and first chapter, as well as links to order. It’s about a woman named Ally Linden, who disappears for two days but has no memory of where she’s been or what happened to her. Desperate to know the truth, Ally not only works with a therapist but also hires a private eye. It soon becomes clear that she saw something she shouldn’t have and there’s someone out there who wants to make sure she never learns what it was.

Watch the Trailer

Read a Brief Excerpt

What I’m Reading


A Good Marriage
By Kimberly McCreight

I really enjoyed this author’s debut adult suspense novel, Reconstructing Amelia, and I had this one on my to-read list for weeks before it came out. In this taut, page- turning suspense, a lawyer named Lizzie must decide whether to take on the case of a former law school classmate accused of killing his wife at a time when her own marriage is in desperate need of help. McCreight is a former attorney and her knowledge of the law adds so much depth to the pages.

Kissing the Gunner’s Daughter
By Ruth Rendell

I’ve used the extra time on my hands this month to re-read some of my favorite mysteries and thrillers and this 1992 British release, part of Rendell’s Inspector Wexford series, is on my top ten favorites list. It’s a fantastic police procedural involving a horrible home invasion that leaves three family members dead and a daughter gravely injured. The ending blew my socks off and across the room.

I served the parmesan-crusted chicken with roasted onions, per the recipe

What I’m Cooking

Heaven on earth for me is chicken Milanese, but I’ve vowed to cut back on breadcrumbs going into month #4 of isolation. I was thrilled to find this tasty recipe for parmesan crusted chicken. Flavor and crunch but no carbs. Not a perfect substitute for the dish I adore, but it will do for now. Because I must be a good girl.

Cooking, The New York Times

Until next month,

Kate White