Cover Reveal of My Next Psychological Thriller!

Ta-da! I’m so excited to share an early look at the cover of my upcoming psychological thriller, THE FIANCÉE, which will be released in June 2021. It’s the chilling, twisty story of a young woman who threatens to upend the picture-perfect lives of the family she’s about to become part of. Trust me, she’s as devious as she looks!


HAVE YOU SEEN ME? is an Amazon Editors’ Pick

I love that HAVE YOU SEEN ME? was included on Amazon’s (nearly) year-end roundup of their editors’ favorite mysteries and thrillers for 2020!

[Have You Seen Me?]

Yikes, a Mystery in My Own Backyard in PA

I write mysteries seven days a week, but sometimes, like most of us, I have a mystery to solve in real life, like this one: Who the heck tore down the fence to get at our can of birdseed? Well, once we discovered that the critter had also torn the security light off the wall of the house, the case was pretty much a no-brainer. Dr. Watson, the culprit is a big, hangry bear!


What I’m Reading/Watching:

[cover] [cover]

By John Banville

Banville, an acclaimed Irish literary novelist, already has one crime series under his belt, and now he’s launched another—this one featuring Dublin Detective Inspector St. John Strafford. The ingredients? A mansion in the Irish countryside, an aristocratic family with more than their fair share of secrets, and a priest found murdered in their library. What’s not to love?

Amazon Prime

This acclaimed series follows a Norwegian homicide detective who’s tracking an American serial killer hiding in his own community. Chilling and gripping. Warning: Do not watch if you’re home alone.

What I’m Cooking

[recipe]Have you noticed how many cookbook authors are championing chicken thighs these days? One famous chef even has a chapter in her new cookbook called Chicken Thighs Forever. But I still love chicken breasts, even if they do tend to dry out easily. Here’s a trick someone taught me for chicken paillards. After quickly pounding and sautéing in a olive oil (with a little garlic, fresh rosemary, and thyme), I top with roasted grape tomatoes that I’ve tossed in extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar (salt and pepper, too), and then I finish the dish with shaved parmesan and slivered basil. Very moist. So take that, chicken thighs!

Until next month,

Kate White