The Fiancée Is on Her Way (Be Afraid…Very Afraid!)


Though summer seems a long way off, I’m delighted to be kicking off the five-month countdown to the release of my next suspense novel, THE FIANCÉE. It’s a riveting story about a family vacation on a bucolic estate that goes horribly awry, what you might call a “locked room mystery” because it all plays out in one location.
That means when a brutal murder occurs, you’re not wrong to assume the killer is right there in the house, sitting at the same table and drinking the same rosé as everyone else. Could it be the cunning new fiancée? Only time will tell.
If you’re a fan of authors Lucy Foley and Ruth Ware, as well as the movie Knives Out, I think it’s a perfect choice for you.

I Love Learning How You’re Coping These Days


It’s been really great to hear from you lately–either through Facebook (@KateWhiteAuthor) or my website (—and I especially love reading accounts of the diverse and creative ways you’re dealing with this horrible hot mess we’re still caught up in.
On my end I’ve been trying to keep my equilibrium by studying Spanish every day, reading a ton of books, gearing up for the release of THE FIANCÉE, and working on my 2022 suspense novel.
Oh, and what’s really helping is still having my Christmas tree up—with just the lights—and sitting nearby each evening. Those colored lights, reflected so mysteriously in the pine needles, brings me so much pleasure.

What I’m Reading/Watching:

[cover] [cover]

The Girl from Widow Hills
By Megan Miranda

I’ve been a huge Megan Miranda fan ever since I got my hands on ALL THE MISSING GIRLS a few years back. Her latest thriller, THE GIRL FROM WIDOW HILLS, had me at the title (fabulous, right?), and I devoured every single page. In a nutshell it’s the story of a young woman, plagued by night terrors after a childhood trauma, who wakes one up evening to find a corpse at her feet.
It’s a breathtaking ride—utterly compelling, mysterious, and very scary indeed.


If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I’ll watch almost anything on TV with the word crime or thriller in the description. Thanks to the pandemic, the supply has been dwindling lately, making me a little panicky (you, too?) and forcing me to sometimes watch stuff that’s below par. So I was thrilled to discover and fall madly in love with the fantastic new Netflix series, Lupin. It’s part thriller, part caper, about a gentlemen thief and starring the dazzling Omar Sy. And I just heard there’s definitely going to be a season two. I’m hoping for twenty-six seasons actually.

What I’m Cooking


I’ve been trying to bring a little of the outdoors inside this cold, snowy winter by using a stove-top grill at least once a week. Clean-up is a b–ch, but the flavors are divine. I like to marinate flattened chicken breasts in nothing but lemon juice for about ten hours, and after grilling them, I top the breasts with slices of “compound butter,” basically using a yummy recipe from the awesome Melissa Clark at the New York Times but varying the herbs based on what I have handy. Most recently I mashed chopped basil, mint, and chives into the butter along with a little grated garlic and lemon juice. It makes simple grilled chicken breast taste fantastic.

Until next month,

Kate White