I Finally Took My Christmas Tree Down!

I usually spend my winter months in Uruguay, where Christmas is not a big deal, and though I hated not being able to travel there this year (the borders were closed because of Covid), it gave me a chance to have a Christmas tree again at our home in PA. Gosh, what pleasure that tree offered me all through the gloomy, house-bound winter months.

But it finally seemed like time to say farewell. I dragged my Douglas fir down to the woods, thanked it with all my heart, and returned to clean up a gazillion pine needles on my living room floor!

And now it really does feel like spring! I’m sure you’re finding fun ways to celebrate the season, which seems like a very special spring indeed.


THE FIANCÉE Called a “Winner” by Publishers Weekly


I’m so thrilled about the fabulous review of THE FIANCÉE that just appeared in Publishers Weekly, the most important trade publication for anyone in book publishing.

“[A] skillfully constructed page-turner….Expert pacing, characters readers can love to hate, and an intelligent heroine make this a winner. White consistently entertains.”

You can preorder now by clicking one of the links below. Not only are preorders so helpful to authors (hint, hint), but when you order in advance, you’re guaranteed to be one of the first to read the book when it comes out on June 29.

What I’m Reading/Watching:

by Belinda Bauer

This British mystery is the definition of an unnerving, gripping page turner. But it’s also heartbreaking, the story of Jack, a fifteen-year-old whose mother disappeared after going for help when the family car broke down, upending his entire life and sending him in search of answers. Trust me, you will race through this one!

High Seas

I thought I’d streamed everything imaginable with the word crime, thriller, or mystery in the description, and with nearly nothing left to watch, I felt desperate for a thriller fix (have you been there, too?) Thankfully I then discovered (thanks to the link below) the Spanish language thriller High Seas–about two gorgeous young sisters who, following the death of their father, travel from Spain to Brazil on a cruise ship and discover that besides the great food, fabulous entertainment, and spacious rooms, there’s plenty of mayhem and murder on board.


What I’m Cooking


Sometimes the best recipes are just so darn simple, aren’t they? Someone recently turned me on to the awesome Metropolitan Seafood store in West Lebanon, New Jersey, and when I stopped by to pick up New England bay scallops, I was given a recipe that produced sublime results: Bring scallops to room temperature and blot very dry. Sauté quickly in clarified butter (clarified is key) and when done, finish with some fresh lemon and parsley. I was in Heaven!! (Someone told me my photo of scallops looked like a plate of teeth so apologies if that’s the case!)

Until next month,

Kate White