THE FIANCÉE Is About to Arrive!

It’s just a few more weeks until the release of THE FIANCÉE (June 29). Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered, sent me shout-outs on Facebook or Twitter, and/or posted fun photos on Instagram.

If you haven’t ordered yet, it would mean so much to me to have you do that in advance of pub day, June 29. Pre-orders are really important to us authors because they put the wind in our sails—or should I say sales! Plus, you’re guaranteed a summer thriller for the Fourth of July!

THE FIANCÉE is a page-turning thriller about a captivating but cunning woman who threatens to upend the picture-perfect lives of the family she’s about to join. Aimee Molloy, bestselling author of Goodnight Beautiful, says it’s “exactly what we all need right now, a fast-paced perfectly woven murder mystery.”

Just click one of the links below.

Watch the 40-second trailer!


What I’m Reading/Watching:

Every Vow You Break
by Peter Swanson

If you’ve been getting my newsletter for a while, you know I’m a fan of Peter (Eight Perfect Murders) Swanson. In his latest book, an engaged young woman has a drunken one-night stand during her bachelorette weekend, a mistake she regrets but vows, so to speak, to put behind her. But, oy, the man shows up in her city, then her honeymoon, and she soon finds herself in deep trouble. Three quarters through, the book goes off in a kind of weird direction, but still, I couldn’t put this one down. If you read it too, let me know what you think, will you?

Amazon Prime and Hulu

Because of Covid, I’ve just about run out of thrillers to watch on TV, so recently I revisted all three seasons of “Silk,” a British courtroom series from 2011, and boy, not only did it hold up for me, but I’d forgotten most of the endings so it was like watching it for the first time. And the first season features the gorgeous Natalie Dormer, who I was lucky enough to have dinner with during my Cosmo days, right after she appeared as Anne Boleyn in “The Tudors.”

What I’m Cooking

[photo: recipe]

I did a ton of cooking during the pandemic (you, too?) and I’m really fried, so to speak, from the experience, so this summer I’m committed to keeping things as SIMPLE as possible. Want to say hello to my new go-to summer salad? It’s this cherry tomato and white bean recipe from the New York Times, perfect with grilled chicken or fish and soooo easy to make. Plus, when you eat it, the whole just seems greater than the sum of the parts, perhaps because the shaved parmesan blends so deliciously with the other ingredients.

Until next month,

Kate White