Thank You to My Amazing Readers

[photo of Kate]
How is your summer going? I’ve been having a meal once a week at the fantastic Canal House Station restaurant in Milford, N.J.

I so appreciate all your support for my just-released suspense novel, THE FIANCÉE. One reader actually made me laugh out loud when she wrote to say that she took the novel on vacation and because she wasn’t able to put it down, she became known as The Girl with the Book. (Could that be a future mystery title one day??)

THE FIANCÉE is a twisty, page-turning thriller about a captivating but cunning woman who threatens to upend the picture-perfect lives of the family she’s about to join.

If you haven’t yet read THE FIANCÉE, may I suggest it as your August vacation or Labor Day Weekend suspense book?

What I’m Reading/Watching:

Razorblade Tears
by S.A. Cosby

I love to read (and, yeah, write!) domestic suspense, but sometimes it’s nice to have a break, and Razorblade Tears provided exactly that kind break for me. It’s a gripping, sometimes violent story of two hardened ex-cons, one Black (Ike), one white (Buddy Lee), who set out to avenge the murder of their sons, a married couple. Ike and Buddy Lee loved their sons but couldn’t fully accept them because of their gayness and now they’re determined to do better for them in death than they did in life. Fasten your seat belts for this one.

The Head

Somehow (maybe because we were in the throes of a freaking pandemic), I missed this six-part, Spanish-based, English language psychological thriller when it came out last year, but I caught a mention of it recently and decided to check it out. Wow. Double wow. It’s a variation on that classic mystery premise of people stuck in a certain location, unable to leave, who then start getting murdered by someone in their midst–and we have no idea who the culprit is. In this case the plot involves a small group of devoted scientists working at a research station in Antarctica during the beyond frigid, unforgiving winter, and boy is it scary. There’s a killer twist to this one, too. Bonus: seeing all that ice and snow will help keep you cool during this crazy August heat.

What I’m Cooking

[photo: recipe]

This plate of bruschetta is not staged perfectly (okay, in truth I’m a mediocre photographer and the photo sucks), but to me it reflects what a delicious, no-fuss, late-summer dish this is. To fix, I run a sliced baguette under the broiler on both sides to toast a little, then rub the top of each piece for a second with a clove of garlic and top with diced tomatoes mixed with extra virgin olive oil, a bit of lemon, chopped basil, salt and pepper. Heaven on earth.

Until next month,

Kate White