[photo of Kate in Antigua]
I created my own personal writers’ retreat in Antigua

I’m so happy to share these three amazing blurbs for my next suspense novel, THE SECOND HUSBAND, which comes out in just a month (June 28). It’s a gripping, unpredictable psychological thriller about a woman whose seemingly perfect second marriage is rocked when the police begin to reinvestigate the brutal murder of her first husband.

–“Immersive, spellbinding thriller about a woman questioning everything—including her husband. In Kate White’s perfectly plotted novel, it impossible to predict what will happen next.” Samantha Downing, internationally bestselling author of My Lovely Wife.

–“Intricately plotted and suspenseful. The Second Husband is a terrific book, packed with surprises and a nail-biting conclusion.” Sarah Pekkanen NYTimes bestselling co-author of The Golden Couple.

–“The Second Husband is suspense at its most addictive. The pages turn in a blur. You won’t put this one down.” Michele Campbell, internationally bestselling author of It’s Always the Husband.

To pre-order—and oh, pre-orders are so helpful to authors—click one of the links below.

[Amazon] [BN] [IndieBound] [Harper Collins] [Apple]

And if you’d love to get a taste of THE SECOND HUSBAND before ordering, here’s a special link to the first chapter, which I think will have you hooked.

It’s Hard to Believe but…

I’m very close to finishing my 2023 thriller. I made great strides editing it recently in Antigua. For some reason I’ve never understood, I love working when it’s over 80 degrees. Are you a hot weather fanatic like me?

What I’m Watching

Anatomy of a Scandal

This six-episode political/courtroom thriller is so good that I ended up watching it twice. The two main female stars, Sienna Miller and Michelle Dockery, are excellent, but so, too, is one of the actors in a slightly smaller role, Josette Simon as the defense attorney. Wait for her line, “I’d love to know the brand.” The series has some fabulous but believable twists throughout, as well as a London townhouse you won’t be able to stop gawking at.

Tokyo Vice

This is a crime drama about a young American journalist, played by Ansel Elgort, who becomes the first foreign-born reporter on a Japanese newspaper, starting at the very bottom. He’s taken under the wing of a cop on the vice squad as he begins to explore a dark and dangerous world. To me, absolutely mesmerizing.


What I’m Cooking/Making

[photo: recipe]You may have figured out already that we eat a lot of chicken in my household, and so I’m constantly looking for fresh new recipes, which is darn hard with chicken. But lately I found this amazing recipe (in my local paper, The New York Times) for a Middle Eastern dish with just the right mix of exotic spices. When my daughter Hayley visited recently, I served it with a Greek salad, rice pilaf (Hayley chipped in and made that for us), hummus, and also the yogurt/mayo/garlic/ lemon sauce the article recommends. Everything was just awesome. Hayley and I have both made this dish multiple times, and we found that it’s great to make extra and serve leftovers (with the amazing yogurt sauce!) for lunch the next day.


Kate White