Thank You Fabulous Subscribers! You’ve Helped Give THE SECOND HUSBAND a Great Lift-off!

[photo of Kate in front of Saratoga Arms]
Speaking at the Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga, NY was the perfect excuse to stay at the Saratoga Arms, one of my favorite hotels.

And I’ve really enjoyed meeting some of you on my book tour this year, either virtually or in person. It’s been great to be back out at bookstores, libraries, and conferences.

If you haven’t had a chance to read THE SECOND HUSBAND yet, there are purchase links below. It’s a gripping, unpredictable psychological thriller about a woman whose seemingly perfect second marriage is rocked when the police begin to reinvestigate the brutal murder of her first husband.

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Please Call Me Dr. White

photo of Kate at Union College [photo: recipe]

Ha, just kidding, but I do have an honorary doctor of letters degree now from my alma mater, Union College. They awarded it to me when I delivered the commencement speech last month. What an amazing, surreal experience. I was in the first coed class at Union (which for the first 175 years had been an all-male college), and I was so pleased to meet some of the current female English majors during graduation weekend, some of whom might turn out to be suspense novelists too one day!

One of the pieces of wisdom I shared that day from my own life: Don’t believe everything you think. As Dr. Laurie Santos, the Yale professor who teaches a famous course on happiness, says, “Sometimes our minds lie to us.” What we’re thinking might be an old thought we haven’t taken the time refresh yet or an idea shaped by self-doubt rather than reality. That’s why it’s important to regularly step back and both question and reexamine what thoughts we’ve been holding onto. I’ve been reminding myself to do this a lot lately, since I still feel discombobulated from the pandemic!

What I’m Watching

Wisting, seasons 2 and 3
Amazon Prime/Acorn

Did you discover the fabulous Nordic Noir series Wisting on Amazon Prime/Acorn during the start of the pandemic? I did and was so sorry when I’d finished the first season. Well, last week I found out that seasons two and three were available, and I went on a watching binge. I can almost guarantee you will love this series, set in icy but beautiful Norway with a totally compelling set of characters.


What I’m Cooking

[photo: recipe]

For me summer always means lots of Caprese salads—tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella and basil. Is it a favorite of yours as well? It’s not only a delicious salad but also a breeze to make. Unfortunately great tomatoes aren’t available until mid-August in the northeast, and the greenhouse ones from my area farmer’s market have been completely lackluster. The cherry tomatoes, however, are already fabulous and so this recipe solves my Caprese dilemma. You use cherry tomatoes instead of regular size ones and marinate them first in a vinaigrette with red wine vinegar, not the usual balsamic. And then you top the cheese with the tomatoes. So exquisite, it’s one of those recipes in which the whole is even greater than the sum of the parts.


Kate White