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I’m still in South America but headed home soon!

Thank you, fabulous readers, for all your good wishes for and support of my upcoming psychological thriller, BETWEEN TWO STRANGERS (May 16). I’m really excited about this one, and so is my terrific publisher, HarperCollins. They’ve booked me on a very extensive book tour (the “If-this-is-Monday-it-must be-California” kind), and I can’t wait to get out and meet you come May and June!!! After a launch in New York City at the wonderful Corner Bookstore on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, I’ll be headed to Westport, CT, Cleveland, Phoenix, Houston, Santa Monica and San Diego, among other places. I’ll be posting specific details on my website ( very soon and will include them in my next newsletter as well. (I’ll also be doing plenty of virtual events, so if we can’t meet in person, I hope you’ll join me online.)

BETWEEN TWO STRANGERS is a pulse-pounding psychological thriller about a struggling artist named Skyler Moore who receives a bewilderingly large, life-changing inheritance from a man she spent a single night with twelve years ago–and she has no idea why.

As Skyler digs for the truth, overwhelmed with a desire to understand the man’s motivation, it becomes clear that he might have taken other secrets to the grave, secrets that could have terrifying consequences for her.

You can pre-order by clicking one of the links below, and if you do, I’ll be incredibly grateful. Pre-orders help authors so much!

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Another Super Giveaway!

Great news for freebie lovers. If you missed the last Goodreads giveaway for BETWEEN TWO STRANGERS, there’s a new one happening from now until March 28! Lots of chances to win. Just click here to enter.

And Now I Get to Tell You about a Fabulous Book Sale!

Yes, I’ve got an amazing book bargain for you! The eBook of EYES ON YOU, one of my first stand-alone psychological thrillers, is being featured in the HarperCollins’ Spine-Chilling Reads Promotion—through March 31. And that means it’s only $1.99!! If you haven’t read this riveting (if I do say so myself) thriller yet, now is the time!

What I’m Reading/Watching

By Jane Harper

I’m a huge fan of author Jane Harper (you too?), and though I didn’t love her last book as much as her others, particularly The Lost Man, her newest, Exiles, grabbed me from the first page and just wouldn’t let go. Investigator Aaron Falk, the main character, is a very compelling protagonist, and we get a real sense of his fascinating thinking process throughout the novel. Sadly, this is apparently the last book featuring him, so I relished every moment I spent by his side. Plus, there’s a stunning but believable twist at the end of the book, one that unfolds beautifully and organically. Trust me, you’re not going to say, “What the heck?”

C.B. Strike, Season 5

I loved season 5 of the private eye series “C.B. Strike.” There are no mind-blowing twists or scares in this series, but it’s lots of fun to watch the two sleuths, played by captivating actors, work doggedly to solve the case and try to hide their total infatuation with each other.

What I’m Making
(chicken salad for Sunday lunch each week)

[photo: recipe]For years, I kept trying to find a recipe that would become my gold standard for chicken salad, but eventually I decided that I liked varying this go-to dish. Is that true for you, too? Sometimes I add a couple of splashes of lemon juice, the way the Canal House Station restaurant in Milford, NJ does, and other times I’ll include a dash of red wine vinegar instead, based on a recipe by the great Craig Claiborne. Often I include tarragon but not always.

But unless I’m using leftover chicken from dinner, I now almost always cook my chicken for salad using this wonderful approach I read about in the New York Times, based on a Chinese method. You place chicken bone-in breasts in boiling water, (flavored with things like a sliced carrot, chopped yellow onion, a garlic clove, a bay leaf, salt, and pepper) and immediately turn off the heat. Then you let the meat cook slowly in this very warm water for a couple of hours. The results are plush, tender, and flavorful. The recipe includes instructions on turning it into chicken salad, but I don’t always use that part, preferring, as I mentioned above, to vary what I serve.

If you try this cooking method, please let me know what you think.

On My Table

Are you a rosemary fan? I love the taste of it with roasted potatoes and roast chicken. In Uruguay, it’s not unusual to see rosemary bushes growing in people’s yards, and we have several in ours. In a pinch, I clip a few stems and put them in little glass vases (old yogurt containers!) with lavender stems to decorate my dinner table.



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