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Thank You for All Your Amazing Support for BETWEEN TWO STRANGERS

I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have BETWEEN TWO STRANGERS get off to such a great start, and it’s all because of readers like you. And it’s been lovely to meet some of you on my tour. Thank you for coming out, listening to me, asking cool questions, buying the book, taking the time to say hello afterwards, and including me in your selfies!

I loved being out on the road again. Several highpoints for me: making my first trip ever to San Diego (wow, what a city!); staying for a night in Santa Monica (for a talk at the utterly charming Zibby’s Book Shop), an area I used to visit when my best friend from college lived there post-graduation, so it brought back a lot of happy memories; and speaking at the awesome Murder by the Book Store in Houston, where not only did my fantastic niece show up but so did Mary Beth, a wonderful woman I used to babysit for. Incredible to see her after all these years.

photo of Kate
The Hudson Library in Ohio was just one of the many wonderful spots I visited on my book tour.
photo of Kate
It was a thrill to speak at the Westport, CT library in part because my fab brother Jim was there.


BETWEEN TWO STRANGERS is a pulse-pounding psychological thriller about a struggling artist named Skyler Moore who receives a bewilderingly large, life-changing inheritance from a man she spent a single night with twelve years ago–and she has no idea why.

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Do You Love Audio Books?

And do you have sixty seconds right now? Then you might enjoy listening to this audiogram for BETWEEN TWO STRANGERS, which will give you a great taste of the audio version of the book. Just download and play!


What the Dead Know
By Barbara Butcher

When I was writing my first mystery–18 books ago–I interviewed an amazing forensics expert named Barbara Butcher, who at the time was a death scene investigator working with the New York City Medical Examiner’s office. She provided me with the most helpful information. In the years since, she’s not only been an incredible resource for me on every book I’ve written, but she has also become a wonderful friend. And now she has a book of her own. As I said in my blurb for the book, What the Dead Know is three unputdownable books in one—a series of gripping true crime stories told with unflinching style, a revealing and fascinating look at crime scene investigation, and an engrossing, moving, and very funny memoir that will inspire everyone who reads it. If you’re looking for a great read this summer, this is it!

All That Is Mine I Carry With Me
By William Landay

Did you read Landay’s 2012 legal/domestic thriller Defending Jacob, which was also a fantastic series starring Michelle Dockery? I devoured the book years ago and I still rank it as one of my favorite thrillers ever. Unfortunately, we don’t get books by Landay very often so when I heard he had a new one, I pre-ordered it immediately, and I started it the minute it showed up in my Kindle. This is a thought-provoking page-turner filled with wonderfully authentic characters and told from numerous, very interesting points of view. I’m pretty sure you will devour it, too!

What I’m Cooking

This may sound a bit strange but after sending my 2024 thriller to my editor and agent on June 1, I’ve been craving not only lots of down time but also comfort food, even though it’s not comfort-food weather. So what did I do? I made Pasta Alfredo—twice in five days. The sauce consists of nothing more than cream, butter and parmesan cheese, and I loved every bite. What could be more comforting than that, right? I absolutely adore Marcella Hazan’s recipe for Alfredo sauce, which you can find adapted here.

Wishing you a fantastic summer!

Kate White