I Hope Your Summer Has Been All You Hoped It Would Be!

This summer I ate outdoors every chance I got. You, too?

And that you’re also reminding yourself that there’s still more to come. Years ago, a friend of mine wrote a lovely essay that’s always stayed with me about how summer doesn’t end Labor Day weekend. It keeps going until the fall equinox (which this year isn’t until September 23), and that just because Labor Day arrives, it doesn’t mean you should stash away your barbecue grill and beach towel. Okay, maybe the white shoes need to go back into the closet because they’re probably scuffed up by now, and you might be seriously itching to get your feet into some fabulous suede flats, but let’s not deny ourselves the opportunity to embrace all the weeks left of this carefree season.

My 2024 Psychological Thriller Is Finished!

All done with my 18th novel.
Now onto 19.









I turned the book in to my editor in May, got excellent suggestions from her in July, and just submitted the tweaked version last week (yes, all while promoting BETWEEN TWO STRANGERS, but that’s how it works when you do a book a year). I’m thrilled she loves the new novel, and within the next month or so we’ll be finalizing a title and cover. Stay tuned for more!

The book, by the way, is the story of a woman in her late 30’s named Kiki Reed, whose ex-fiancé takes his life five months after she called off the wedding. Kiki is overwhelmed not only with grief but guilt, too, because she thinks she might be partly to blame—until she finds a small piece of evidence suggesting that her ex was actually murdered. She sets out on a desperate—and ultimately dangerous—quest to identify the killer.

While I’m glad to be finished, the fact is I really loved writing this book. It’s part thriller, part whodunit, with plenty of unexpected twists and shocking revelations. I know that, like me, you crave those elements in the thrillers you read, and I certainly enjoy producing them for you.

What I’m Reading/Watching

Zero Days
By Ruth Ware
The It Girl
By Ruth Ware

I threw what you could call a mini-Ruth Ware festival on my porch this summer, zipping through two of her books with a glass of iced tea by my side. Whenever I’ve been through a period of reading a bunch of thrillers that left my head spinning with too many totally bizarre twists or too many serial killers, I know I can count on the fabulous Ms. Ware to totally entertain me. I really enjoyed both of these.

The Exorcist (1973)
Amazon Prime, $4.99 to rent.

Yup, I went there again. Though I try to watch this movie every few years, I was motivated this time because of the recent death of the director William Friedkin. Why do I keep going back? Because as someone who creates thrillers, there’s so much to learn from this masterpiece. When I rented it, I noticed the promotional headline called it “The Scariest Movie of All Time.” I’d have to agree, though for me it ties with “Alien.” Is it the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

What I’m Baking

[photo: recipe]
This pie tasted so much better than it looked

I’ll be the first to admit that the pies I make are generally pretty pathetic looking. But I use the best ingredients I can find, so they end up tasting really good. I made a peach pie the other day with perfect peaches from our local farmer’s market in PA, and I didn’t even peel them. I just sliced about eight of them, tossed them with 1/3 cup sugar, 1/3 cup flour, and a few squeezes of fresh lemon juice. Then poured into the pie crust I’d prepared, flipped on the top crust, and baked it for about 40 minutes at 400.

So long had passed since I made a pie, that I forgot to dot the main ingredients with cold butter before adding the top pastry, but I think that kept everything from getting much too juicy. The pie turned out so darn delicious that I devoured a huge piece for dessert one night and another piece for dessert at lunch the next day!

All the best,

Kate White