Happy New Year! The world is such a turbulent place at the moment, so I hope you’re finding plenty of moments of peace and tranquility with your friends, family members, or even on your own, curled up in an armchair with a good book.

I’m ensconced in Uruguay right now with my husband, as I am every winter (their summer here!). We spent New Year’s Eve alone on our deck, watching a whole bunch of firework displays along the coastline, putting us firmly in the fuddy-duddy category, but it was very pleasurable.

Since I live on the beach here, people often assume I’m a big ocean swimmer and I have to explain that, “No, I’m a big ocean watcher.” I love to study the many moods of the Atlantic and listen to all the songs it sings.

Me reading on my deck in Uruguay, listening to what the sea has to say.
Sometimes the lagarto who lives under the deck pays a visit. I made the mistake of giving her (I’m guessing, but she’s gorgeous so probably) an egg last week and now he keeps wanting more.


My next psychological thriller, THE LAST TIME SHE SAW HIM, is coming May 14, and I’m praying you’re going to love it. It’s the story of a woman named Kiki Reed who is left reeling when a broken engagement is followed by a shocking death—one she becomes desperate to prove was actually murder.

It’s simple to pre-order. Just click one of the links below:


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Of course, I want you to pre-order THE LAST TIME SHE SAW HIM, but it would be unfair not to tell you about the big giveaway for the book currently on Goodreads. My publisher is giving away 25 copies so there’s a better than average chance of winning. You have until January 26 to enter. Just click on this link for instructions. Good luck!


The Harbor
By Katrine Engberg

As much as I love reading psychological thrillers (you too?), I also enjoy a great police procedural, so when I read about this bestselling Nordic noir, the third in a series, I downloaded it on my iPad immediately. It follows detectives Kørner and Werner as they search for a missing teenager and uncover the web of lies that has threatened his life—and may prevent him from ever being found. Not only did it keep me turning the pages, but it was also fun to read a book set in Copenhagen, a city that I visited for the first time last year and will be returning to in July.

Slow Horses

As you might recall me saying, I’ve adored this thrilling and very funny British spy thriller series. And I found season 3 to be every bit as good as the first two, perhaps even better. The cast, playing the quirkiest group of disgraced spies you can imagine, could not be more compelling.

Anatomy of a Fall
Movie, rent on Prime

A man lies dead in the snow in front of a slightly run-down French Alps chalet. Did he fall, jump—or was he pushed by his wife, with whom he had a very troubled relationship? This much buzzed about movie, already nominated for many awards, is part riveting courtroom thriller and part gripping human drama. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love every second of it. I certainly did.

What I’m Making

[photo: recipe]I love the small kitchen in my Uruguay house, which looks out on lovely palm trees and a big hibiscus bush with gorgeous, red flowers, but there’s not a lot of counter space and I’ve never been at my best cooking here. Thus, I tend to make very simple meals during the months we’re in residence, and I’ll work with leftovers the following day.

One of my more successful experiments this month was using leftover sesame-coated, sauteed chicken breasts. The starter dish is a snap if you follow a recipe from the great chef, Pierre Franey. The next day I made a salad with local lettuce, farmstand-bought cherry tomatoes, and blanched white onions, then dressed it with a good mustard vinaigrette and laid the sliced leftover chicken breasts on top. I added a bit more dressing over the breasts. It was so darn good. I’m never going to make sesame chicken again without sautéing a few extra pieces for later.

Wishing you a terrific 2024.

Kate White