May 21, 2021

May ’21 News

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I’m Thrilled to Share a Peek at THE FIANCÉE

There’s just over a month until the launch of my next suspense novel, THE FIANCÉE […]
Apr 21, 2021

April ’21 News

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I Finally Took My Christmas Tree Down!

I usually spend my winter months in Uruguay, where Christmas is not a big deal, and though I hated not being able to travel there this year […]
Mar 16, 2021

March ’21 News

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The Treasures Hidden in This Crazy, Awful Year

The pandemic has been so incredibly tough, hasn’t it, but somehow in the midst of it I’ve been lucky enough to make a few wonderful little discoveries. […]
Feb 19, 2021

February ’21 News

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The Fiancée Is on Her Way (Be Afraid...Very Afraid!)

Though summer seems a long way off, I'm delighted to be kicking off the five-month countdown to the release of my next suspense novel, THE FIANCÉE. […]
Dec 18, 2020

December ’20 News

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Wishing You a Safe and Very Happy Holiday!

I'm sure your holiday season will bear only a small resemblance to what it's normally like for you, but, still, I hope it's a good one, bringing plenty of joy. [...]
Nov 10, 2020

November ’20 News

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Cover Reveal of My Next Psychological Thriller!

Ta-da! I'm so excited to share an early look at the cover of my upcoming psychological thriller, THE FIANCÉE, which will be released in June 2021. It's the chilling, twisty story of a young woman who threatens to upend the picture-perfect lives of the family she's about to become part of. Trust me, she's as devious as she looks! [...]
Oct 15, 2020

October ’20 News

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I Hope Autumn Is Treating You Well So Far

One of my favorite lines in The Great Gatsby is spoken by Nick's short-term girlfriend, the professional golfer Jordan Baker. She tells him, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” Well, it's hard to think of life starting all over again this fall, isn't it? [...]
Sep 9, 2020

September ’20 News

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Wishing You a Happy Autumn!

We've had a really warm, summery summer in the northeast, but for the last few weeks there's been such a big hint of fall. The days are shorter, of course, the tree leaves are tipped with yellow, and the other night a bear took down our bird feeder and ate all the seed, perhaps as early prep for hibernation. Just glad she didn't show up the night I was wandering around outside with my binoculars looking at Jupiter, Mars, and Venus. [...]
Aug 13, 2020

August ’20 News

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I Hope You're Finding Moments to Savor Here and There.

Summer is, hands down, my favorite time, but it's been really hard to fully embrace the season this year, hasn't it? There's just so much chaos, confusion, and sadness because of the pandemic. I so hope you're in good health, that you're able to see at least a few friends and family members, and that you've found special ways to stay as centered as you possibly can. [...]
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