The pulse-pounding psychological thriller about a struggling artist who receives a bewilderingly large, life-changing inheritance from a man she spent a single night with twelve years ago – and she has no idea why

Skyler Moore is totally confused when a lawyer she’s never met phones her regarding a “private matter” and says they need to meet.  As soon as she arrives at the law firm’s office, she learns she’s the recipient of a large inheritance, a life-changing sum that will allow her to realize her long-held dream of becoming a mother. But who was her benefactor, Christopher Whaley? The late man’s name means nothing to Skyler, and she has no idea why he would leave her such an enormous bequest.

Looking into his background, Skyler finally realizes they met once at a hotel bar and spent the night together. But they never exchanged numbers, or even last names, and that was over a decade ago. She wonders if the inheritance is meant to be a message of some kind but can’t imagine what it might be.

Chris’ family is confused and suspicious too, and his widow accuses Skyler of having an affair with her late husband, then threatens revenge. In order to protect herself, Skyler has to understand the reason the money was left to her. But as she digs for the truth, it becomes clear that Chris Whaley might have taken other secrets to the grave, ones that could have terrifying consequences for her . . .


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“Kate White’s formidable talent for turning the screws of suspense is on full display in this deliciously addictive chiller. With her perfect pacing and gift for simmering tension, White deftly pulls back the delicate layers of secrets and lies, page by thrilling page. Whip smart, elegant, and utterly immersive, BETWEEN TWO STRANGERS is as impossible to predict as it is to put down.”  Lisa Unger, NY Times bestselling author of SECLUDED CABIN SLEEPS SIX

“White, whose THE SECOND HUSBAND (2022) was an intricate and very suspenseful thriller, turns in another fine performance here. The writing sizzles, the mystery of the inheritance is intriguing, and the characters are vivid. Readers who have yet to read White’s fiction are in for a real treat; longtime fans know what to expect. For domestic thriller devotees, White delivers the goods.” — Booklist

“An enjoyable thriller, that starts off strong, and never lets up. Kate White is great at these novels, and this is another one of her books to add to the list.” — Red Carpet Crash

“BETWEEN TWO STRANGERS will capture your attention from the beginning, thanks to an intriguing premise focusing on why a stranger would leave an inheritance to another stranger. Skyler’s questions ignite a series of threatening events, forcing her to confront the past. The author provides a number of possible culprits before the explosive conclusion Five stars.”  —Novels Alive

“Kate is the maestro of mystery and mayhem.” —John Busbee, Culture Buzz

“Kate White will have you on the edge of your seat, staying up late hanging on every suspense-filled word of BETWEEN TWO STRANGERS. You may echo my reaction upon reaching the last sentence: ‘Whoa, I did not see that ending coming!’  This thriller grabs your attention and won’t let go. It’s original, unpredictable and one of the best thrillers I have read in many months.” — Book Trib

“Kate White continues her winning streak of stand alone mysteries with BETWEEN TWO STRANGERS. The set-up is ingenious. White manages to get everything right in this mystery – the plot, the characters, and settings.” — Woman Around Town

“A fast and easy read with unpredictable twists; a very good summer novel.” — The Paris Reader

“The path to get to the shocking final reveal is one that’s very unpredictable, which only adds to the suspense of this deeply thought-provoking novel.” — Brooklyn Digest

“This is a high-caliber thriller that satisfies on every level and is just begging to be adapted into a miniseries.” — Bookreporter

“BETWEEN TWO STRANGERS is fantastic. It’s Kate White’s most suspenseful novel ever. I was on the edge of my seat–it crackles.” Adriana Trigiani, NY Times bestselling author of The Good Left Undone