Even If It Kills Her - Kate White

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Even If It Kills Her

In this exhilarating new thriller from New York Times bestselling author Kate White, one young woman searches for clues to the murder of her family, only to discover a shocking secret about herself that holds the key to everything.

Jillian Lowe seemed to have it all. Both beautiful and accomplished, she lit up any room that she walked into. All of that dramatically changed when her parents and two siblings were brutally murdered in her childhood home her second year in college. The crime shattered what was once a picture-perfect family and nearly derailed Jillian’s hopes for her future.

Now, sixteen years later, Jillian is shocked to learn that the man imprisoned for murdering her family didn’t do it. With the real killer walking free and the cops dragging their heels, Jillian once again feels her life unraveling, and desperately seeks help from an old friend from college, true crime writer Bailey Weggins.

As the two women return to Jillian’s childhood town to investigate, it doesn’t take long for their sleuthing to cause shock waves. Someone starts watching their every move. As they uncover deeply-guarded secrets, so shocking that they make Jillian rethink her entire relationship to her family, Bailey and Jillian find themselves in fear of their own lives. The truth has consequences and they must decide if they’re ready to face them.

Praise for Even If It Kills Her

“Compulsively readable and skillfully plotted, EVEN IF IT KILLS HER excites and entertains from the very first page.” – Karin Slaughter, New York Times and International Bestselling Author

“White builds suspense masterfully, and this seventh in the Bailey Weggins series (after So Pretty It Hurts, 2012) has the makings of another hit. Bailey is a smart, sexy sleuth, and her exploits make for thoroughly entertaining reading.”  —Michele Leber, Booklist

Featured in Elite.daily.com’s “Books to Read This Fall” story

“I loved Even If It Kills Her and highly recommend it! Author Kate White has yet to write a book that I don’t enjoy.”  — Hello Dollface

This Week’s Must Read Books: Even If It Kills Her by Kate White. “The fabulous former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan is back with the seventh installment of the Bailey Weggins mystery series. Sixteen years ago, Bailey had a college friend whose family was murdered; a man was accused and jailed for the crime. The friend, Jillian, left college abruptly and lost touch with Bailey. But new DNA evidence has cleared him, and Jillian shows up at one of Bailey’s book events to seek her help in tracking down the real killer — at great danger to them both.” — NY Post

“EVEN IF IT KILLS HER is a twisty mystery full of clues and red herrings that are hard to distinguish between. This makes for a very thrilling read. The end is a surprise, and most readers will gasp at the unveiling of the real killer.” —Book Reporter

“EVEN IF IT KILLS HER has the same light-hearted humor, twists, cliff-hangers, and red herrings that are hallmarks of the series. And who wouldn’t want to hang around with Bailey Weggins? She’s strong, smart, sexy, with a bit of snarky and badass thrown in.” —The Big Thrill Magazine

“A titillating novel of secrecy and suspense, EVEN IF IT KILLS HER will have you hanging on every word” — Bustle.com 

“Another long-time favorite of the column, a witty writer of mostly New York-ish, mostly woman-centered psychological suspense fiction, White calls back into action her series character of a few years ago, Bailey Weggins—and takes her to small-town New England. A new, slightly autumnal tone is detectable in this one—Bailey’s still smart-mouthed and funny, but maybe a little more in touch with second thoughts and even a regret or two for past carelessness. But she is given a chance, here, to correct just such a lapse in her past when a college pal calls on her to help investigate a family mystery with her. It’s as always a well-worked out, believable and involving family mystery with a touch of tragedy, and a pleasure to recommend.” —Shawangunk Journal