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The Secrets You Keep

A terrifying, twisty psychological thriller about a woman who begins to fear that her husband is not who she thinks he is.

What would you do if you realized that your new husband is keeping secrets from you—secrets with terrifying consequences?

Bryn Harper, an accomplished self-help author, already has plenty to deal with. She’s still recovering from a devastating car accident that has left her haunted by recurring, smoke-filled nightmares. Worse still, she can’t shake the ominous feeling her dreams contain a warning.

In the beginning, Bryn’s husband Guy couldn’t have been more supportive. But after moving into a new house together, disturbing incidents occur and Guy grows evasive, secretive. What the hell is going on, she wonders? Then, a woman hired to cater their dinner party is brutally murdered.

As Bryn’s world unravels—and yet another woman in town is slain —she must summon her old strength to find answers and protect her own life. Her nightmares may in fact hold the key to unlocking the truth and unmasking the murderer.

With unexpected, riveting twists, The Secrets You Keep is an utterly compelling psychological thriller.

Praise for The Secrets You Keep

“True to form, Kate White’s The Secrets You Keep kept me up way past my bedtime, anxiously turning the pages. Taut, tense, and utterly gripping, I could not go to sleep until I found out whodunit.” – Jessica Knoll, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of The Luckiest Girl Alive

“Suspenseful, twisty, and sharply observed, Kate White’s clever psychological thriller lures us into the life of the narrator, whose marriage is not what she thought it was.” – Gilly Macmillan, New York Times bestselling author of What She Knew

“Leave it to bestselling author Kate White to offer a perfect ‘meal’ of psychological thrills….This terrific story is full of mysteries, twists, turns, thrills and chills that only Kate White could come up with and put together like the perfect puzzle that causes readers’ pulses to race.”Suspense Magazine

“Why you should read it: Kate White’s The Secrets You Keep is a gripping and shrewd portrayal of a woman struggling to reclaim her life after a fiery car crash, even as her career and her marriage falter and the brutal death of a new acquaintance brings the police to her door… White’s latest is a wily, haunting whodunit that makes for a solidly spellbinding read.” – USA Today, Happily Ever After

“This book has a bit of a retro feel that charmed me at the same time it creeped me out. You can’t help but think there’s some gaslighting going on here, and in true diabolical mystery writer fashion, White has you wondering if the heroine’s only vice is telling ‘little white lies.’

The narrative is graceful, rich, and deceptively low-key; the pacing gentle but effective; the mystery both credible and compelling. One of the secrets plaguing Bryn turns out to be a bit anti-climactic, but the story’s ending caught me completely by surprise. White’s latest is a wily, haunting whodunit that makes for a solidly spellbinding read.” Kathy Altman, USA Today, Happily Ever After 

“White’s latest is a fast­paced mystery with suspenseful intrigue throughout. An action­filled thriller sure to please those looking for a gripping mystery.” – Romantic Times

“In this solid psychological thriller from bestseller White (The Wrong Man), keeps the suspense high to the end” – Publisher’s Weekly

“White weaves a story that is mesmerizing and thrilling… Mystery lovers will be well served with this novel, as it grabs the reader instantly and can be devoured in one afternoon.” – Booklist

“[One of] 10 Chilling Psychological Thrillers Coming this Spring” – BookBub

“A psychological thriller that doubles as a cautionary tale, ‘The Secrets You Keep’ marks another success for a prolific author and casts an intelligent if grim eye on love — love that can warm, and love that can burn.”  – Richmond Times-Dispatch

“THE SECRETS YOU KEEP is a riveting psychological thriller that shows White, the former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, at the very top of her game.” – Book Reporter

“This can’t-put-it-down murder mystery from the former editor-in-chief of Cosmo follows an author pushed to the brink of escalating chaos. Crazy dreams guaranteed.”  Cosmopolitan

“It’s no secret that I adore Kate White. I started reading her non-fiction in the late 90’s and I have loved her fiction novels (mysteries/thrillers) since the first one was published in 2002…Thrillers are my favourite fiction genre and I can usually pick the killer, but this one had me guessing until the very end. The book is filled with twists and turns, and you almost feel the need to see if something is burning in the kitchen!” – Readin’ & Watchin’