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The Sixes

From the New York Times bestselling author of HUSH comes a new thriller set in a college town where a student’s death sends one woman on a search for the truth and into the clutches of a frightening secret society.

Phoebe Hall’s Manhattan life is unexpectedly derailed off the fast track when her long-term boyfriend leaves her just as she is accused of plagiarizing her latest bestselling celebrity biography. Looking for a quiet place to pick up the pieces, Phoebe jumps at the offer to teach in a sleepy Pennsylvania town at a small private college run by her former boarding school roommate and close friend, Glenda Johns.But behind the campus’s quiet cafes and looming maple trees lie evil happenings. The body of a coed washes up from the nearby river, and soon hidden secrets begin to surface among the students: rumors of past crimes and abuses wrought by a disturbing secret society known as The Sixes.

Determined to find answers and help Glenda, Phoebe embarks on a search for clues – a quest that soon raises dark memories of her boarding school days. Plunging deeper into danger with every step, Phoebe knows she’s close to unmasking a killer. But with the truth comes a deeply terrifying revelation: the past can’t be outrun… and starting over can be a crime punishable by death.

Praise for The Sixes

“A nifty spine-tingler” People

“Mean women, making life miserable for anyone who crosses them at an elite private college, abound in Kate White’s highly entertaining “The Sixes.” White, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, delivers a superior mix of romantic suspense and pure mystery while avoiding clichés. “The Sixes” works well as an academic mystery, a women’s novel and an insular village mystery with the private school standing in for a small town.” –

“Kate White’s newest stand-alone is scarily good – a riveting, psychologically complex tale of mean girls, with a dark twist. You won’t be able to put it down. I loved this book!”– LISA SCOTTOLINE, New York Times bestselling author of Save me

“This is the perfect book to take on a transatlantic flight to Europe. Trust me I just did it. Start reading it in the departure lounge, skip the in-flight movie, and you’ll be done on landing. You won’t stop reading while you have the wine/nuts/meal tray/snack. Set on a college campus (always a winner) in Pennsylvania, it’s the story of a best-selling celebrity biographer who goes to teach writing after she’s accused of plagiarism. But then a coed turns up dead in a river, and could a secret society known as the Sixes be involved? You get dark nights, more bodies, and ominous groups of six objects left around as signs, in a fast-paced plot that wraps itself up in time for you to race to the bathroom before the plane starts its descent.” – Vanity Fair

“The Sixes has all the ingredients for a fantastic summer read: an elite private school, a secret society, and a band of terrifying mean girls. In Kate White’s skillful hands, it’s a story that simultaneously scares and entertains.” – ALAFAIR BURKE, author of Long Gone

“This thriller hooks you from the get-go—besides the adrenaline rush, this story reminded me how every experience, good or bad, forms us and makes us stronger.” – First for Women

“Taking a break from cover lines like “How to Outsmart a Bitch” and “Guys Rate 50 Sex Moves,” Cosmo editor-in-chief White tackles a humorous thriller. First, New York writer Phoebe Hall is dumped by her boyfriend. Then, she’s accused of plagiarism in her latest book, “Hollywood’s Badass Girls.” She flees the city to teach at a small college in rural Pennsylvania. But when a co-ed from Cobble Hill is murdered and Phoebe is determined to investigate, she runs up against a group of mean Girls — The Sixes.” – NY Post

“To pick up one of Kate White’s compulsively readable thrillers is to understand why she’s managed to ensure that Cosmopolitan remains the top selling woman’s magazine worldwide (she’s the editor in chief). Simply put, she knows how to write in a way that keeps you hooked until the very end. And then makes you want to come back for more.” – The Big Thrill