Want Kate to Speak at Your Event?

Kate speaks frequently at libraries and conferences and also to women’s groups who need a compelling motivational speaker at their event. Here are the two speeches she is currently giving:


Feeling Stuck? How to Think Like a Mystery Writer to Start a Thrilling New Chapter 

If you’re spinning your wheels or itching for a change, it’s time to take a page from New York Times bestselling mystery writer Kate White. The author of 18 thrillers and mysteries, and former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, White shares her secrets for getting unstuck, inspired by the strategies she uses to write compelling suspense novels.

Discover how the techniques that create propulsive, page-turning books can help create momentum in your life and career—and reveal exciting insights and opportunities.

(And she promises that no one will die suspiciously during the presentation.).

To learn more, contact Kate’s team at: kw@katewhite.com


9 Secrets to Writing a Chilling, Suspenseful, Page-turning Thriller

Kate explains it all, including the best spot to position your hook, the criteria for creating a riveting inciting incident, the three secrets to a propulsive scene (and why every scene must have them), her best tricks for coming up with jaw-dropping twists, and the one thing you must plot out in advance even if you prefer to write by the seat of your pants.

To learn more, contact Kate’s team at: kw@katewhite.com

Want Kate to Zoom with Your Book Club?

If your book club is reading one of her books, she would be pleased to participate in the discussion and answer whatever questions you like.

To learn more, contact Kate’s team at: kw@katewhite.com